Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Speechless in Mission Viejo

I'm somewhere between angry and shocked.  You know that hazy feeling that you get when you hear or see something so hard to believe, yet so awful on the same note?  That's just happened.

My husband is busy packing up the garage for our move across country-- in 3 weeks!  He is a fan of the comedy channels on satellite radio, and usually listens to "clean" comedy or at the most, the Blue Collar Comedy station.

Tonight he was listening to Bill Engvall, who happened to be on a different channel, and when the set ended there was a commercial that he honestly couldn't believe.  He actually thought is was "a joke".  Like those SNL commercials that they have that are so ridiculous.

This was no joke.

The commercial advertised Ashley Madison dot com.  An online dating site for people who are already in a relationship.  Their motto being, "Have an affair, you only live once."

He called me outside and told me about what he had just heard advertised.  I had to go in and google Ashley Madison.  It's REAL.  This company actually exists to facilitate affairs between consenting (mostly married) adults.  Their logo even has what appears to be a wedding ring as the "o" in the word Madison.  The landing page of the site shows a blurry yet fully visible view of two adults behind a hotel room door...engaging in more than just talking.

Further googling turned up the story that Ashley Madison tried to buy air time during the upcoming Super Bowl, and (thankfully) was denied.  They, not so surprisingly, also chose to use a well known (well known to some I suppose) Adult movie actress to star in the spot.

This is no joke.  These are the times in which we live.

I have so much to say, and yet... I am speechless.

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