Monday, May 30, 2011

We're Moving On Up...

Today is the day!  Today Dave and I sign the building contract to start construction on our new home here in Franklin, TN.  

While I hate leasing for the most part, it had its comfort in that if we decided to go back home to CA at the end of 16 months, it was no harm no foul.  It would be a costly adventure, but we could return to life as we knew it.  During this whole moving scenario, we have trusted God.  Even during times when it didn't make logical sense-- we trusted and moved forward.  Even when it seemed silly to move all the way to Tennessee when Colorado was waaayyy closer and just as appealing...we moved forward.  And here we are at these crossroads.  Again.  

After a lot of prayer, a few panic attacks, some counsel and a glass or two of good red, we are staking roots in the Volunteer State of Tennessee.  It's really real!

Wish us luck...say a prayer... send cash...(ok, no cash), but definitely say a prayer or two.  This is big, and we think this is where God wants us to be at this moment in time.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mom Sense and Nonsense

This mom thing is NOT for wimps!  I'm sitting here keeping an eye on my son, who has just taken his first dose of an antibiotic that comes with a long list of warnings.  You may be wondering why any sane woman would allow her child to ingest such a substance?!  Well, we have done all the tests and have a diagnosis of chronic sinusitis.  This may be caused by three things: virus, allergy and bacteria.  Since we know he has allergies, we want to assume that it's just allergy related.  But the doctor has told us--NO--we must cover our bases.

Now, if you know me at all, you know that I don't trust doctors at first.  They earn my trust.  Right now we are in a new place where I'm still getting to know these doctors.  So, no...not a lot of trust on my part.  Did I mention I used to work with doctors?  Yep!  This is not an unfounded trust issue thing---believe me.

I'm sitting here waiting the appropriate 30 minutes to make sure there aren't any huge, anaphylactic reactions, knowing full well that something like that can actually take up to 2 hours.  But the first 30 minutes are crucial.  So here I wait-- with my egg timer clicking away the minutes.  Writing is good therapy too.  As is calling upstairs to my son every three minutes, "Are you ok?"

Men age gracefully.  It's true.  But the worry we moms go through (the list is too extensive...) from the birth of our children until...  Until? Until when?  Will we ever stop worrying, even when they're grown and married and have children of their own?  No, I guess not. Wait, I lost my train of thought.  I was saying something about aging.  Maybe it was about forgetfulness? No I'm sure it was about aging.  I'm sure it had something to do with the necessary dying of hair, and use of wrinkle creams.  Worry causes aging, you know.  (Where DID I put those dentures again??)

The egg timer just went off, and my son has not developed a third eye or lost an appendage.  Life is good.  Until the next time.

Man I'm such a wimp! No, wait...

Monday, May 9, 2011

To the Determined Advocates Who Are Also Called MOTHER

As the mother of a son who has autism, this poem made my heart sing!  It's a day late-- but in our world, where advocacy for our children is OUR daily business-- Mother's Day is anyday that you see a sparkle in the eyes of your child!  If you are blessed to know a child with a special need, please pass this poem on to their mother.  Happy Mother's Day, mamas!  Be encouaged and be blessed!!

To All The Mothers

By Meshell Baylor

My mother loves me unconditionally.
Even though I repeat the same old things.
My mother loves me so well you see.
She's patient when I cannot be.
She doesn't mind me pacing back and forth.
She doesn't mind the jibberish.
When I am frustrated beyond my means.
She sings, Don't worry the storm is over."
When I feel no one understands,
Mom is there to hold my hand.
To all the parents around the words whose
journey seems like this.
We know that you love us dearly.
But having you in our lives makes us blessed.