Sunday, February 14, 2010

A little introduction...

Hello and welcome to the first entry of my newest blog!

First, I admit it, I hate pink! Ok, that's on the table. I am as female as you can get, but I gag at the color pink. While I am not sure if that deducts girl points or not, I wanted you to know that this will not be a lace-dollie, pink-laden, doll-loving blog. No. While my perspective is one of an adult girl, I am not THAT girl. Not that there's anything wrong with that...

Most of my adventures consist of days spent with my children. They're probably a lot like your kids. Do you have boys? I do. I have two. God saw fit to not give me girls, and I blame my husband 100% for that. I'm sure God knew what He was doing, because I can only imagine how my husband would have behaved when our daughter would have gone out on her first age 30. So yes, God gave us two boys. They are amazingly loving and high energy and messy... but I love being their mom! Even during the messy moments.

I am married to Dave. We have been "together" since 1989, which makes us sound incredibly old. But we have grown up together in these last 21 years. We have seen our share of joy and some really ugly times, as well. But, thankfully, we have made it through. Dave and I are not much a like. He is very intense and I tend to be...less so. It was his obvious strength of character that initially drew me to him all those years ago. His protective, sensible nature that seemed to harness (in a good way) my free spirit. We have changed over the years; taken on some of each other's nature. That is a good thing, most of the time. But we have also kept our individuality. The kids are a good mix of the two of us.

I love Jesus! He is my everything!! I am very flawed... (don't tell anyone, but really, I am). It is through Him that I find my truest sense of freedom, love, acceptance and forgiveness ~even when I blow it. Yeah, I blow it often... and it's really great to know I have His arms to run into when that happens. My biggest joy comes from telling others about Jesus and His desire to not only give them unconditional love, redemption and forgiveness ~which is undeserved yet free for the taking~ but also that He desires a relationship with them. As you will find, I am very UN-churchy. It's all about the relationship aspect. Men make rules (religions) which are to better themselves. God wrote us a love-letter (the Bible) which is perfect.

Ok that's a little peak into who I am. I look forward to communicating with you as time goes on. As you can see, I am unconventional in some ways, yet very conventional in others. you, I suspect, God is still working out all my kinks; a work in progress.