Friday, September 21, 2012

Do I Miss Being A Home Schooling Mom?

I'm not exactly sure where the summer went...  but here I sit, with my house decorated for fall.  The kids are in school--both of them now. I no longer home school--at least not THIS YEAR.  I'm a woman with so much time on my hands, that I can't seem to complete one project without starting something else!  I'm manic over the fact that I don't have to do lesson plans or use the phrase..."Pay attention", for at least 7 hours a day!!

I get to work out, shower, and actually put on make up...all in the same day! All BEFORE LUNCH!! Laundry is folded AND put away (most of the time)! I can meet my husband for coffee or lunch, which is a little bit of heaven! I can actually shop during the daytime!!

Life after home schooling my kids for five years is good.  I was obedient to what God called me to do, and each child grew in their academic knowledge as well as in their spiritual well being.  It was a season of inner strengthening and even throughout the craziness of no real routine, we had a great deal of calmness. Well, some days, anyway. As we were going through it I doubt I would have used the word, "calmness", but now I have the morning rush which is still the hardest part of the day.  My constant phrase on weekday mornings is now, "Come on, let's go!"  I sound like a middle aged cheerleader!

Do I miss home schooling?  No!  And yes...

The crazy thing about motherhood is that even when you find your schedule a bit more open...and your day a bit more free... you tend to think about your kids even MORE than when they are sitting beside you.

With all my "free time", I find myself thinking: How can I decorate their bedrooms?  What posters have I put away that need to be framed?  Is it time to put away their summer quilts and take out their fluffy comforters?  I wonder what they'll like for dinner?

Yes, I am a mom.  It doesn't matter if I'm home schooling my children, they're constantly on my mind.

And when 3 PM rolls around, I'm now excited to wait in the pick up line at school!!  I can hardly wait to see my not-so-little monkey-men! Thank you Lord for my children...