Monday, March 8, 2010

Tales of a Home Schooling Mom

Being a mom who home school's her kids has many perks. Working in our pajamas on cold rainy days, comes to mind immediately. There is not the morning rush that we had to endure a couple of years ago. Gosh, I hated that morning rush! I would inevitably turn into a yelling maniac, "Everyone in the car...hurry, hurry, hurry...Grab your lunch, grab your backpacks!!" My kids would get anxious and I would feel guilty. Then I'd worry if I had been too mean. Convincing myself that I had emotionally scarred them. Ok, not really, but a lot of mommies understand what I am saying... No, I don't miss that morning stuff! I love to take my time during the morning. I think I get as much done, overall. I just truly enjoy waking up before everyone else, having my cup of coffee, opening up either my laptop or devotional...and having some quiet time. Peace; it's a big thing!

Yes, home schooling has its perks. But I am here to tell you that it isn't all sunshine and roses, either. It's tough to give up a significant amount of "me" time. Wait, we won't even go to the whole "me" time thing. That subject is best kept for a commiserating session with girlfriends over know, WHEN I get some "me" time.

Let's talk real issues. Some of those issues that are challenged by this schedule change are things like, getting my laundry done (and put away), or cleaning my house to the standard which I used to enjoy. I'm not big on clutter. Never have been. I tend to purge a lot of still useful stuff if I can't find a place to keep it. One of the qualities that Dave ADORES about me (that was sarcasm, in case you don't know my husband) But, lately I have had to endure a little more clutter than I would like. I have learned the phrase, "I will get to it, eventually." That is not a natural thought process for me. I used to get it done, now. "No time like the present" was one of my personal motto's. Not anymore. No, unfortunately, that has changed to, "No time IN the present..."

I find it ironic that through home schooling my children, not only have I taught THEM life lessons, they have taught ME life lessons. Priorities have been re-established. Relationship has replaced the need for having the cleanest house on the block. My dining room, instead of looking like a picture out of the Pottery Barn catalog, now looks more like an advertisement for needing a professional organizer! My lovely table is cluttered, but still semi-organized (for us). The kids know that their books are there; their lesson plans are there and, most importantly, that school is there, everyday...until Friday afternoon. When we once again put everything away for the weekend. And yeah... I really like Fridays. I mean, I can't change everything about me, right?!

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  1. I totally understand about the morning thing! I never liked the rush, and I was constantly pushing Ryan to get out the door. I know he does not miss the rushing about.

    I, too, have accepted the clutter less organized home in favor of the valuable time I get to spend with my kids.