Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Women : Touchy, Feely, Emotional Beings

Women and drama. Why do these words go together like that Forrest Gump idiom, "...peas and carrots"? I am a woman...(taa daa!) But I absolutely despise drama in adult relationships. It seems rather pointless to me to use passive aggressive tendencies which we, if you are honest ladies, have mastered from the time Eve ate that silly apple until now.

Why can't we be more like men when dealing with a problem? Concisely and loudly state what it is that is bugging us, tell the other person that they "stink", say something mean about their car or favorite sports team, then have a (root)beer and be done with it? Men don't dwell on issues. They grunt a few times, punch a hole in the wall, and it's over. (Or is that just the men I've known?) Men are physical beings...we are... EMOTIONAL.

But why are we so emotional? Is it that rib from Adam that God used to create us? Is that rib somehow connected to an emotion neurotransmitter in our brain? Perhaps we have more neurotransmitters? Ok, that wasn't a caveman analogy...really. I am just left wondering why.

Perhaps it is hormonal?

Don't our guys LOVE hearing that one? But it is true...I go nuts once a month for about three days and then, like magic, I regain my sanity. If I am able to find that hidden stash of Hershey Kisses, I can then make it through those few days, and almost no one comes out harmed. Physically.

I don't know why God created women like He did. Hey... HE??? Hmmm.... The plot thickens!

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