Thursday, July 28, 2011

There Go Those Nutty Atheists...Again

An American atheists' organization is suing to keep a cross from being part of the exhibit at the National September 11th Memorial and Museum in New York City.
In the suit, filed Tuesday in state Supreme Court, American Atheists claims “...the inclusion of the 17-foot, cross-shaped steel beams, found in the rubble of the twin World Trade Center towers destroyed in the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks, would promote Christianity above other religions.”
What I find ridiculous is not that our Atheist friends are once again upset that God is taking center stage, but that they seem to be forgetting that this cross was not made from remnants of the World Trade Center but actually took form as the building was falling. These girders literally fused together in the shape of a cross.  
I’m sorry my unbelieving friends that these girders didn’t fuse together in the shape of whatever you hold dear.  What would that be, anyway?  The peace symbol? A Cro-Magnon man? An amoeba with legs, perhaps?  I mean, what do you guys really cling to in times of trouble?  For many of us, it’s our faith in God.  This faith happens to be symbolized in a cross.  A simple cross, which reminds us that through the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus, we have been given the gift of eternal life. 
There’s more than just this life. And that, my Atheist friends, is what makes waking up every morning feasible for many of the families who lost so much on September 11, 2001. It is because of their faith in something far greater than themselves...

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  1. To me, this makes little to no sense. Aren't atheists supposed to be all about tolerance for all? In which case, wouldn't allowing said cross to be shown in the museum be an act of tolerance? They wouldn't have to agree with or acknowledge its meaning. They'd only have to allow it to be there for people who do believe in what God did for us. It isn't promoting Christianity above other's allowing there to be a sign of hope for people like us who do believe in God and what He did for the world. The logic of this organization escapes me. No offense to them or anyone affiliated with them, but their statement as to why the cross should be removed makes absolutely no sense to me.