Sunday, July 24, 2011

Revisiting a Page from the Past...

Today is Sunday, and our day of worship and rest.  We're all having a lazy afternoon, and doing stuff that helps us relax in order to get ready for the coming week.  For some crazy reason I decided to re-read my old blog, "Strnad Family Digest", where I documented Dave's illness and recovery process.  It was sort of scary revisiting these moments.  I caught myself holding my breath many times during the reading, and tearing up at certain memories.  Gut-punched and then reminded that we, unlike so many others who struggle with life-threatening diseases, were allowed to have a happy ending!

I was reminded how ill Dave got, and I was also reminded that it was at some point during this time that we came to realize that we needed to completely depend on God. You know that moment where you simply stop in mid-step and realize you can't take another breath without His help?! I remember that day!

Thank you Lord for the struggles you place in our lives to help remind us that YOU are the one we must run to for strength, safety and refuge!  Thank you for answered prayers... and for second chances!!

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