Monday, July 18, 2011


Dear Readers,

I don't take threats made on this page lightly.  As the mother of two children I just don't feel that it would be the responsible thing to do.  Please know that no one is truly anonymous via the internet...and if I feel a threat has been made to me or to any of my readers on the comments section, I will go to Google and request action be taken against you, and if need be I will bring in law enforcement.  





  1. Thank you! That should not be tolerated!

  2. Mrs. Osuna-Strnad, With all the pious writing on this blog can you point to me to the place in the Bible it shows that it's a good idea to gossip about your spouse's family? Did you ever stop to consider the potential hurt this could cause the loved ones of your spouse and children? What is the need to talk negatively about them at all? Is that what a good Christian does? It doesn't matter whether you've been done harm by them.

    Publicly broadcasting your business and gossiping about in-laws is not appropriate in my opinion, but then again I don't hold myself to the same religious standards you do. So instead of writing about your devotion to God and good Christian values, why don't you show it by example instead? I think you owe a whole lot of people an apology, starting with your husband who has to clean up after your mess and deal with his family who he probably loves despite your attempts to sabotage their relationship.

  3. Anonymous---thanks for the reminders, but I don't recall mentioning the above details in my blog post that you are speaking about. When did I mention my husband's family? I think what I mentioned was "family members". Can you please show me where I referenced my own inlaws? These statements make you more privvy to information on the "family issues at hand" --and therefor the REAL gossip. And probably the REAL culprit.

    Not surprising you have once again hung yourself out to dry... sharing way more info than I ever have! What a mess you made, anonymous in your attempt at hurting me. So sad.

    Be blessed and I suggest you get your facts straight the next time you call anyone names. Shame, shame...