Thursday, December 9, 2010

VeggieTales' It's A Meaningful Life --New Release!

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What if my life had taken a different direction? What if I had made different choices? Where would I be, today? Happier? More fulfilled? Would my life have had a clearer meaning or more purpose? 

I admit this is a strange way to begin a movie review. Especially since I’m reviewing the newest VeggieTales’ episode, IT’S A MEANINGFUL LIFE. But when you sit with your kids and watch this particular Christmas-themed episode, you’ll understand exactly what I’m talking about. It’s a pre-school show that just might get the moms and dads thinking along the lines of, What if?... And then, using God’s Word, perhaps answer those very soul-searching questions.

Now, on with the show!

It’s a Meaningful Life, starts sometime in the past. Stewart (Larry the Cucumber) aka: The Green Machine, was playing the biggest football game of his life! His whole future was riding on his performance in last the few seconds of this game! But, instead of leaving the field as a hero, he left the field injured. Someone else, by pure coincidence, became the hero that day. That one moment in time changed Stewart’s life-plan, forever! 

Move ahead to present day; Stewart is married to the lovely Donna (Petunia Rhubarb). They have been blessed with a beautiful family and live in a modest home located in the same town in which they grew up, Rockwell. Stewart, who once dreamed of leaving Rockwell, for his own fame and fortune, has instead settled into this life and taken over his father’s toy train manufacturing business. 

While Stewart’s life seems happy enough, there is a piece of his heart that lacks true contentment. One of the most poignant moments in the movie, is the prayer that Stewart prays, as he feels his life no longer has meaning. “God, why did I end up like this...I was going to do something... special...instead I’ve ruined everything...” 

He literally embarks on an incredible journey, hopping on the “What If Express”, which enables him to see a glimpse of what his life would be like IF that football game had ended the way he had always hoped. 

Stewart learns that his life is part of God’s plan, and his life has greatly impacted the lives of so many others!Especially his own wife and children! He learns that God’s plan for our lives is truly the perfect plan...and that our lives are, indeed, meaningful when we follow that plan. 

Finally, he learns contentment. 

“I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord. They are plans for good and not disaster; plans to give you a future filled with hope.” Jeremiah 29:11

Maybe it’s my age. Hmmm...where DID my 30’s go, anyway? Maybe it’s the fact that I have asked those very same “What if”questions a lot more frequently over the last few years. Whatever it is, I highly recommend this episode for the entire family!! This is one DVD that you’re definitely going to want to enjoy with the kids! 

VeggieTales', It’s a Meaningful Life is such a well made, well written and beautifully produced show. Yeah, I’m a fan, and you probably wouldn’t expect me to say anything too negative-- but I was truly blessed by the theme in this particular story! Director, Brian Roberts, did a fab job in the driver's seat of this episode! 

The music in this show is great! Kudos once again to Kurt Heineke for the score, and Mike Nawrocki and Mark Steele who once again knocked it out of the park with their great lyrics! Oh, and Moms, you’re going to crack up at the Silly Song, Goodnight Junior.  Although, my personal favorite is the song, Precious Girl.  Losing my dad last year, this song brought me back to the times when I was a little girl and relied on my own dad to make whatever problem I was dealing with, go away.  There's just a special bond between little girls and their daddy's.  Great song!

Once again, the people at Big Idea have joined forces with one of Christian entertainment’s top names! This time, Steven Curtis Chapman. His beautifully written song, Meant To Be, which plays over the credits, will have you tearing up as you think about how very special to God your own precious children are, and how He has a master plan already in place for each of their lives! 

This Christmas season, Big Idea has also partnered with the Steven Curtis Chapman Foundation, Show Hope. This organization has a heart and a mission to care for orphans around the world. They help fund adoptions and even provide life-saving medical care when needed. A truly amazing organization, which YOU can help over this Christmas season! For more information, go here.

It's a Meaningful Life can be purchased at all Christian retailers and many general retailers.Here's a $3 OFF coupon that can be applied to your order! You can also just stay at your computer and simply order this episode at the Big Idea website, here 

Be sure to add your comment below as to why you love VeggieTales, and you'll be automatically entered to win a DVD set containing BOTH St. Nicholas AND It's a Meaningful Life!!

Full disclosure: I received my copy of VeggieTales' It's a Meaningful Life from Big Idea Productions, Inc. and receive no monetary compensation for reviewing this product.


  1. I love the way veggie tales give the gospel of Jesus Christ and the biblical truths in a non confronting manner. Making it fun for Children all the way to college years to enjoy.
    Drew Wohlford

  2. Veggie Tales teach timeless truths to generation after generation of children. I love how Big Idea never makes Christ a 'vegetable', but how they creatively portrayed Him in "An Easter Carol". I think that song is my favorite of all Veggie Tales songs! I haven't seen the two referenced for the contest, but it would be cool to win them! God bless, and Merry Christmas! :)

  3. My family and I have always loved Veggie tales because of meaningful Godly values, lessons, real life scenarios, in each movie. They also keep the viewer's attention and are good for any age!
    Christina Mladucky

  4. Veggie Tales is the best ever. When I had my Daycare, we watched Veggie Tale movies all the time and it's a great way to share with kids who don't know aboout Jesus.

  5. I love the Veggie Tales movies. They characters are unique and funny, they convey meaningful messages and they make the bible stories memorable. I also love the songs. His Cheeseburger, Pirates Who Don't do Anything...come on, those are classics! I would rather have those stuck in my head than most of the worldly things I encounter during my days.

  6. I love how Veggie Tales gives the Biblical lessons children need to learn in a fun and creative way. It also teaches kids to like their veggies!

  7. I love Veggie Tales because of the music, message, humor and the fact that my 6 1/2 year old "gets it".

  8. I love Veggie Tales because it brings to life Biblical stories and principles which helps kids to learn and enjoy watching. My kids love watching their Veggie Tales!

  9. What is there not to love about VeggieTales? The stories appeal to children and make their point, with enough humor for an adult to enjoy while watching along with the child. The music is innovative and memorable: just ask my 31 year old son who can sing them all! :) And, most importantly, the Godly values taught will make an impact on future decisions that child makes in how to relate to issues in life and the importance of God. Morality, music, and mirth interlaced with faith make an unbeatable combination!!!
    Frankly, I am in my 50s and enjoy VeggieTales as much as any 5 year old, but I am trying to sound grown-up here. :)

  10. VeggieTales is amazing, for children and adults! Larry and Bob make is so much fun for us all to learn about the bible and what God has to say. Life lessons from Veggie tales really go deep into our hearts, especially when Larry sings, his silly songs ;) We all love to sing along and be silly and enjoy God's wonderful grace! VeggieTales is certainly just amazing! May God bless "Bob" and "Larry's" ministry ;)
    -Jennifer Gartman (

  11. My nephews were recently adopted. They wanted to know more about Jesus after watching VeggieTales and got saved after hearing about God through the VeggieTales videos. They still watch them.

  12. Hey guys-- Great comments!! Don't forget to give me a way to contact you IF you win. Email or register thru google... or just give me a first name. Thanks!!


  13. I work at a normal Daycare and Veggie Tale movies are all right to show. Children love the songs and the jokes. It's for all ages. Thank you for offering a give away for someone.

  14. I love veggie tales because they draw us in closer to God, while making me & my kids laugh. :)

  15. Love Veggie Tales! From Silly songs to biblical truths there is something age appropriate for the kids and sophisticated enough for adults to participate. I love that we can sing the songs and smile with our family and share the truth with others too! We've loaned them to the neighbors kids too! They got the truth through entertainment! What a blessing. Margo (

  16. Veggie Tales are so awesome! i used to watch The Muppets with my dad every week as a teen, we loved their humor. My dad is not a Christian, and doesn't do Christian things. But, one visit to us, our middle daughter, then 4 year old (14 now, but we have more!) asked Grampa to watch with her, i promised him he would love them, just like the Muppet humor. He agreed, and then spent the next hour watching two of them with her, Dave & the Giant Pickle, and Josh & the Big Wall, he was totally blessed by it and even asked to see more!

  17. I've always loved VeggieTales even though I was 16 when they first came out! Some of my reasons are:
    1) They have such interesting imaginations, and came up with a completely new style of children's videos instead of doing a new version of someone else's ideas.
    2) They put in funny lines specifically for adults, so they enjoy watching the movies with their kids.
    3) Even though their overall style is their very own, it's funny when they make references to other movies, such as Monty Python, or make parodies of other movies, such as Lord of the Rings. I also like how they give subtle "history/literature lessons" of sorts, such as having authentic Southern music in "The Big River Rescue." My daughter was just telling me today how Sherlock Holmes reminds her of VT's Sheerluck Holmes!
    4) They teach Godly character traits in a non-preachy, kid-friendly way.

  18. I love the way the veggies are able to get a lot done without hands and feet. Reminds me that I can accomplish anything with God at my center.

  19. I love the way Veggie Tails Brings Family values to the movies and shorts that they make. I also like the fact that the staff of veggie tails live what they preach.

  20. My family has been watching Veggie Tales since they came out. Its fun to watch my kids still love them even if they are older. I have a 16, 13 and 11 year old and they want to watch them any chance they get.

  21. Jennifer Gartman-- You WON!! I will be emailing you privately, and I'll need a mailing address to send out your DVD combo pack! Congratulations! -- And THANK YOU to everyone who posted such wonderful things about VeggieTales!

    I'll continue to have these contests, so stay tuned! You may want to become a follower of this blog, too!

    God bless and thanks for playing!