Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Loss of a Child...When We Can't Explain the WHY.

I'm sitting at my son's tutorial and have just found out that last week one of the dear ladies who works here had to fly back to her daughter's home because while she was supposed to give birth last Friday, she instead found out that the baby had died in utero.  Perfectly formed, no illness.  This baby was called back home to Heaven before ever experiencing this world.

Heartbreak.  It's sometimes--many times-- unexplainable.  Why would God allow such heartbreak in the lives of those He loves?  I wish I knew the answers to those types of questions.  All I know for sure is that His plan is greater than what my mind can comprehend.  All I can do is love those who suffer, and pray for their broken hearts to be mended.  Pray that the Holy Spirit miraculously bestow on them peace and joy even if it seems an impossibility to receive such gifts during the middle of their personal storm.

This story makes me think of the loss that Steven Curtis Chapman's family suffered a few years back.  When their precious five year old daughter was accidentally run over and killed in their own driveway.  The gift that came from that loss was a story of God's healing mercies on this family.  Their personal story and even a beautiful song written and sung by Chapman, continues to be a blessing to so many other families who are in the midst of loss.  Whether it was through illness or accident, the loss of a child must me unimaginable.  Insurmountable--without the healing mercies of our God.

Today I'm praying for all the parents out there who are struggling with the loss of their precious child.  In Steven Curtis Chapman's song, "Heaven is the Face...", he uses lyrics which touch the very heart of all of us.

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