Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bring Your Hurting Hearts to the Cross

There's a scene in the movie, Forrest Gump, where five year old Jenny is outside playing.  She stops and prays, "Dear God, turn me into a bird so I can fly far, far away..."  We learn that Jenny's daddy is sexually abusing her and even though he gets arrested and she's finally away from her physical abuser, her pain doesn't end there.

Years later, as an adult, she is visiting Forrest.  Taking a walk together they come across the old shack where she grew up and where her abuse had taken place.  Without uttering a single word she begins to pick up rocks and throw them at that shack!  She then takes off her shoes and throws them, too.

It's at this that Forrest responds, "Jenny, sometimes there just aren't enough rocks."

Left undealt with, the old pain in our hearts turns into a scar, but is never truly healed.  Maybe we've buried it so deeply we think it's gone.  But it really isn't.   Jenny buried her pain, but never really dealt with it.

Do you have a pain buried deeply wthin your heart that you're scared to look at again?  Have you forgiven the person(s) who caused you this pain?  Forgiveness is part of the walk of faith we take as Christians. The good news is that we aren't alone.

Jesus invites us to walk with him in this life, and that walk of faith is sometimes very much like the walk He took heading down the Via Delarosa and up the hill at Calvary.  Our walk in life is full of many hurts, regret, pain, anger and even shame.  We can feel alone and abandoned at moments, just as I'm sure our Lord must have felt. We stumble and fall. We want to give up because that road is sometimes so difficult.  But not only is Jesus with us every step of the way, It is HE who welcomes us to the foot of the cross.  He offers us mercy, love, acceptance, and complete healing.  He is standing there with arms wide open.

If you've been dealing with a lifetime of pain, it's time to let it go and bring it all to the cross.  Let Jesus make you whole, and love you completely. Only Jesus can heal us from every pain! Bring him your heart...
Because in this lifetime, friends, there just aren't enough rocks...

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  1. Thank you Lisa! I get this quote from the movie and life is like a box of chocolates confused...I usually think there isn't enough chocolate!!!

    Great article.