Friday, March 25, 2011


I lived in California my whole life.  A place where spring is relatively the same as fall (or winter or summer).  I never understood the idea of spring cleaning or airing out the house.  The difference was sometimes only seen in the clothes we chose to wear.  Where winter scarves and Uggs were just a fashion statement-- not a necessity.

Now I'm living in Tennessee, where the seasons are all different, and looking forward to opening up the windows, soaking up the warmth of the sunshine, and airing out the house from a long season of winter finally makes sense to me.

I have a brand new understanding of spring.  And it's amazing.

Renewal.  Rebirth.  Those are happening right now--and not just metaphorically, but literally-- all around me.  The trees, grass, and flowers are awakening from a sweet slumber.  It's lovely.  No, it's breathtaking!

How apropos that this is also the season that we celebrate Easter-- our Salvation and Hope for eternity through Jesus!!  I get it now--maybe more clearly than ever before-- what rebirth is all about, and how it looks from the inside looking out.

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  1. Glad you're enjoying your first spring in Tennessee, though I'm sorry you're having to deal with all the orange, LOL! (I promise, there are a few places in the state, and a few days during the year, when it's not in every single thing!)

    Enjoy all that is around you! And if you ever get the chance to "go east" then let me know and I will meet you down there in K-town!