Friday, May 7, 2010

C52K... And so it begins

Confession #1: I'm flabby! I am a Spanx wearing, hold-your-stomach-in, control top wielding woman in my 40's! I absolutely hate that gravity has attacked my body with vengeance. What did I ever do to deserve this? If you are a woman in my age group, you understand. A sisterhood of commiseration! Pass the M&M's...wait, no.

But the time has come to make some changes. I say that laughingly, because I wake up most Monday mornings and audibly say those same words! Diet-wise I am fine. Well, I am OK. I blow it from time to time. I have not given up my hydrogenated liquid fat(Coffeemate) that I use in my coffee each morning, because I LOVE the stuff. I adore cheese like some freaky Wallace and Gromit cartoon character, I hormonally require chocolate one week out of the month, and I enjoy an occasional glass of wine, at night. Besides that...I'm good.

My biggest issue is lack of exercise. Ironically, and rather unfairly, I don't sit down that often during the waking hours! I am constantly moving from one task to the next. My lap top stays open on the kitchen island as I frequently check email...but it's always done while I make lunch, or empty the dishwasher; which is in between teaching math, phonics or geography. But... evidently THAT is just not good enough! I need more. My body requires more movement. "Not fair!! Boo!!"~ Internal banter!

Confession #2: I hate exercise. Really...I do. I hate sweating. I have been known to shower before going to the gym because I like being clean. Yes, that means I take a second shower when I get home. Smelling good is a big deal to me. FYI, anyone I'm with needs to smell good too. Hygiene trumps pretty much everything else. So that has been the vicious cycle I have been on. I like walking, but I know I am not walking fast enough to do much good. Shhh...don't tell anyone, because I still enjoy that time to collect my thoughts and listen to my iPod. It's just that I have always known that I wasn't in the "zone", heart-rate wise. Maybe instead of walking I'm sauntering? Or strolling? It's definitely NOT power-walking! Needless to say, the results have been less than ideal.

Running. Ick. It takes me back to Freshman PE, where we had to run up and down the bleachers in the gym! We also ran the track, in front of the cute football players! You know, high school is hard enough on a social basis. Why must we endure THAT sort of humiliation?! I survived PE, but developed an innate hatred of running.

After doing a lot of research on the topic of getting into shape and getting healthier, I kept coming across the C25K program. An exercise program that promises to get my flabby derriere into shape and build endurance over a 9 week period...of running! Running!!

I protested (internally), and kept looking. I thought the exercise rubber band thingies looked promising. How hard could that be? Then I thought, maybe if I just stepped up my walking (ahem...strolling) program. Maybe I could get my already slow heartbeat up to the "zone". But I have given in to my better judgement, and will be starting the C25K program this coming Monday.

Why blog about it? Because I need accountability! I am the biggest cheater when it comes to two things: miniature golf and exercise. Perhaps the miniature golf issues will be covered in a separate blog post. (Oooh, something to look forward to!) I need to have you, my dear friends, hold me to this 9 week regimen. I need to do this.

I start this coming Monday. Pray!

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